2022 Garden Inspired

The 16th Annual Joy of Gardening Symposium was held on Saturday, February 26nd, 2022 at the Gateway Conference Center in Richburg, SC. The following is an outline of the speakers and topics.

Opening Keynote by Mark Weathington: A Piedmont Plant Palette

Session A

  1. Paul Thompson: Vegetable Gardening Tips

  2. Jack Page/Robert Myers: Twelve Months of Rose Care

  3. Ryan McEnaney: New Plants and From Where They Come

Session B

  1. Trish DeHond: Old Timey Pass Along Plants

  2. Mark Weathington: Slave to the Goddess Flora

  3. Barbara Allbritton-Grant: Gardening for the Young at Heart: Wiser, Safer and Older

Closing Keynote by Ryan McEnaney Nativars: The New Native