The 14th Annual Joy of Gardening Symposium was held on Saturday, March 2nd, 2019 at the Gateway Conference Center in Richburg, SC.  The following is an outline of the speakers and topics.

Opening Keynote by Jenks Farmer Haybales to Flower Fields - Lessons for Your Yard from Transforming a Farm

Session A

1.  Amy Tipton, A Gardener's Intent: Are We in Control?

2.  Marie Butler, It's Time to Go to Pot

3.  Tom Hall, Let Me Tell You Honey - It's All About the Plants

Session B

1.  Jenks Farmer, Crinum Lilies - They Are Not Just for Cemeteries Anymore

2.  Paul Thompson, The Case Against Shearing

3.  Chase Smoak, How to Increase Success in Propagation in Hard to Root Stock Plants

Closing Keynote by Marie Butler I have Elephants in My Garden, So What's Your Problem - The Wild World of Zoo Horticulture