2019 Symposium Schedule of Events

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Check-In & Shopping


Opening Keynote by Jenks Farmer

Topic: Haybales to Flower Fields - Lessons for Your Yard from Transforming a Farm
Jenks shares lessons that he learned from transforming a family farm to a plant nursery.


Session A

1. Amy Tipton, A Gardener's Intent: Are We in Control?
Amy offers food for thought: Why DO I garden? Where DO I fit into the natural world? How DO I make decisions within my gardening? What are the ramifications?

2. Marie Butler, It's Time to Go to Pot
Marie presents container Ideas for downsizing your garden.

3. Tom Hall, Let Me Tell You Honey - It's All About the Plants
Tom explains how plants that bees visit influence the taste of honey.

Lunch & Shopping

Session B

1. Jenks Farmer, Crinum Lilies - They Are Not Just for Cemeteries Anymore
Jenks reveals why and how Crinum Lilies can brighten your garden while creating and rekindling fond memories.

2. Paul Thompson, The Case Against Shearing
Paul discusses proper pruning methods and how to avoid damaging plants by improper and too aggressive shearing.

3. Chase Smoak, How to Increase Success in Propagation in Hard to Root Stock Plants
Chase shares ways to get better results in propagating difficult but rewarding plants.


Closing Keynote by Marie Butler

Topic: I have Elephants in My Garden, So What's Your Problem - The Wild World of Zoo Horticulture
Marie educates and entertains with stories and knowledge gleaned as a zoo horticulturist, conquering challenges that give backyard gardeners hope.

Door Prizes and Closing