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2015 Symposium 
Schedule of Events

8:00 - 9:00
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10:15 - 10:30
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Check-In & Shopping
Opening Keynote by Bryce Lane 

Topic: Gardening in Modern Times
Gardening is not complicated, it's hard! The gardening world has changed drastically over the past 30 years, yet we face many of the same challenges we did when I first started this rewarding hobby years ago. Come journey with me as I share many of my own horticultural observations. Hear about the plants that worked, the ones that didn't. See the garden projects that impressed and those that my wife never understood! View the disasters that molded what my garden has become today. I'll talk about what makes gardening good, what makes it bad, and what we can do to make it better!
Session A
1.  Maggie Lawrence, Building A Farm
Maggie will work through the variables that have helped her design, build and manage farm spaces. This includes developing a planting and harvest schedule, maintaining annual beds, and establishing perennials and permanent beds.
2.  J.D. Stadler, Creating Daylilies
J.D. will introduce us to the wonderful world of day lilies, including widely varying types in a wide range of colors and color combinations. He will cover planting and care of the daylily. He will share some of his past “intros” and give us a peek at some he’s considering for future release.
3.  Sandie Fenton, Herbs - Plants That Keep on Giving
Sandie will cover planting, harvesting and using herbs for cooking, as well as drying and preserving herbs for winter enjoyment. Her enthusiasm for herbs and their uses will have you yearning for a bigger kitchen garden this year.
Lunch & Shopping
Session B
1. Chris Pinard, A Mediterranean Garden For Every Yard
You will learn how to use plants, materials and accessories to bring the beauty and lifestyle of the Mediterranean to your own backyard. Chris will share some of his favorite plants from around the world and from the Eastern United States, which help achieve the Mediterranean look.

2. Paul Thompson, Favorite Native Plants
In addition to having an extensive background in commercial horticulture, Paul Thompson is a South Carolina native who enjoys walking the woodlands near his home in Tega Cay and elsewhere in the Carolina Piedmont. He will share some of his favorite native plants and suggest how to acquire these hardy and beautiful native specimens.

3. Vicky Bertagnolli, Garden Insects - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Vicky will share her extensive knowledge of, and interesting encounters with, beneficial insects, their harmful cousins and what she describes as just “neat bugs” commonly found in the home landscape. Unlike many of us, Vicky says the chance to find and identify insects is one of her primary motivations for gardening. Anyone who has seen her on SC ETV’s “Making It Grow,” where she is a frequent guest expert, knows her presentation will be fun and insightful.


Closing Keynote by Bryce Lane

Topic: Gardening on The Edge, Latest Trends in Horticulture
Gardening is constantly changing, with new trends showing up every day. Who would have thought "Fairy Gardening" would be so popular… what is "Fairy Gardening" anyway? Find out how the latest trends in gardening are influencing the way we garden. From vertical gardens and green roofs to Halloween poinsettias and "Sunpatiens" we will talk about what's new in the world of horticulture.

Door Prizes and Closing