Master Gardeners of York County
10th Annual
Joy of Gardening Symposium

All gardeners seasoned or not, have encountered moments that have challenged their knowledge and skill. In fact, most of us seek such moments as we quest to grow more, different, bigger, better or for a longer season, while at the same time remaining mindful of the earth beyond our own little patch.

This year’s Joy of Gardening Symposium presents a roster of experts who lay before you a brilliant array of gems from the vast treasure of horticultural and environmental tradition, research and experimentation – information you can use right now to revitalize your inner gardener, your landscape and your garden from the ground (or more accurately, from under the ground) up! 

Ruby Throated Hummingbird, female on Crocosmia 'lucifer'.  
Image courtesy of Marshall Rouse

We invite you to spend the day with us on Febuary 28, 2015.

Sherron Marshall
Master Gardener of York County
2015 Symposium Chair